About Monique Zahavi - Artist - Naked Soul Art

Monique Zahavi is a contemporary artist, body painter and blogger living and work in London. With a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, much of the inspiration for her art work comes from her interest in people; their ability to demonstrate resilience, positive psychological transformation and personal growth.


She works in both oil and acrylic paints, often in bold colours, with the intention of evoking a response from the viewer to often emotive subject matter. Anonymity in much of her figurative work allows the viewer to imagine, to take what they will from an image, to consider and form their own ideas about what they see.


Monique's artistic versatility has led to exhibitions in local cafes and jointly with other artists. Commissions have included work with both commercial and private clients, from portraits to paintings of homes and business premises and painting directly onto models at live fashion events.

Whilst undertaking her undergraduate studies, Monique began exploring ideas around 'being comfortable in one's skin' leading to training as a body painter, using skin as a canvas.


Largely self-taught as an artist, Monique has received training from top body painters, worked collaboratively with some very talented photographers and continues to experiment with new techniques, allowing her style to constantly evolve.

Though her painting has been less prolific in recent years whilst channelling creative efforts into academic studies, Monique is currently developing ideas for both collaborative and private art projects.